How Washington-Created Economic Uncertainty Undermines Start-Ups and Job Creation

Unable to reach agreement regarding acceptable terms for funding government operations beyond the end of fiscal year 2013, Republicans and Democrats in Congress resolved at midnight on September 30th to allow the government of the United States to partially shut down for the first time in seventeen years.  The economic uncertainty associated with the shutdown […]

Start-Ups are Key to Ending An Historic Jobs Crisis

The BLS’ employment report for August is a grim reminder of the severity of America’s ongoing jobs emergency – and the reality that Washington is desperately in need of new ideas. More than four years after the end of the Great Recession, nearly 24 million Americans remain either unemployed, underemployed, or have left the workforce […]

To Create Jobs, Attract and Retain the World’s Best Talent

Steve Case, co-founder of America Online, has a remarkable essay in the Wall Street Journal today about steps other nations have been taking in recent months to attract and retain the world’s best and brightest. Germany spent the summer rewriting 40% of its immigration laws, significantly easing the bureaucratic hurdles impeding talented, foreign-born engineers and […]